To the FBI and Back Again

In 2014, I was a working married mother of three and I left my job as the director of corporate social responsibility and president of a philanthropic foundation to take a position as an intelligence analyst at the FBI.

Wait, what?!?

The year before, I participated in the Southern California Leadership Network’s, Leadership LA program, and I made friends with a long time veteran of the FBI in LA. That summer she recommended me to the FBI Citizens Academy, a ten-week program that provides community leaders with an inside look at the Bureau. As someone who is deeply invested in my community, and committed to the future of Los Angeles, I was excited about the program as a way to deepen my own commitment to civic engagement and to expand my understanding of the challenges and threats facing LA and the US.

My experience at the FBI Citizens Academy was amazing and quite eye opening. Over the next ten weeks, I learned all about the mission, goals, history, and inner workings of the Bureau. I met a group of incredible individuals who had chosen to dedicate their careers to the FBI’s mission, “To protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States.” I learned about the FBI’s work around the globe in 56 field offices and gained an understanding of the FBI’s broad purview including:

  • Terrorism
  • Counterintelligence
  • Cyber Crime
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Public Corruption
  • Civil Rights / Human Trafficking
  • Organized Crime
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Violent Crime and Major Thefts

After the Citizens Academy ended in December, I attended an alumni event and at the end of the meeting they announced that the FBI was hiring for the first time since the end of the government shutdown / sequestration. This peaked my curiosity and after a series of conversations, I applied for a job. I received an offer to be an intelligence analyst over the 4th of July holiday and needless to say I was buzzing with excitement.

The planets had lined up. By chance I had become friends with someone who worked at the FBI, she happened to recommend me to the FBI Citizens Academy, and then after the program, sequestration ended and the FBI was hiring. At the same time the geopolitical situation was becoming dire and the Islamic State had launched their shocking public beheadings. Although I loved my job, I felt there must be a reason everything had fallen into place. Feeling compelled and honored to serve my country, I accepted the offer.

So this was just the beginning of the process. I had to take and pass a polygraph examination and upon doing so, the Bureau launched an extensive background check investigation. Over the next two-months all my close friends and family members were interviewed as part of the process. I would get frantic calls from friends and neighbors as they were contacted by FBI agents. The more this happened, the more stressful the process became, because at a certain point I knew that if it didn’t work out, everyone would know that I didn’t make the cut.

My anxiety peaked when a special agent called to tell me that he was going to visit my place of employment the next day to interview my supervisor and my colleagues. I obviously hadn’t mentioned anything about the FBI to my employer, so I had to call my supervisor to tell her that I was up for the position at the FBI and that an agent would be showing up to meet with her the next day.

After jumping through many hoops, and due to the incredible support of my friend Mary in the Bureau, and thanks to all my friends and family, it all worked out. I gave my notice and in mid-September 2014, I left for a week of orientation at the FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia. If you can imagine the opening scene of “Silence of the Lambs” with Jodie Foster, you can imagine where I ended up.

My week at Quantico was completely intoxicating. It was educational and inspiring, honestly it’s difficult to express just how awesome it was. I made friends with an incredibly diverse group of colleagues from all over the country, people of all ages and backgrounds, and all with a common sense of purpose. The week culminated in D.C. at FBI headquarters where Director Comey, in a surprise appearance, welcomed us to the Bureau.

When I left Quantico to return to LA, I had completely drank the FBI Kool Aid. I felt very proud and honored to join the Bureau. I felt confident that this path was meant to be, and that everything I had done to date, both personally and professionally, had prepared me for this new and exciting chapter in my life.

Joining the FBI was a bold move, but leaving after less than three months, took even more courage.

I won’t go into all the reasons I decided to leave, but suffice it to say that working moms make a lot of sacrifices for their families and for the greater good and after a lot of soul searching I also had to admit that the FBI wasn’t my passion. I decided the leave the week before Thanksgiving. To their credit, my supervisor and the HR team were incredibly supportive, which only made the decision more difficult.

At the time, all of this was excruciating. I felt resentful towards my husband, guilty that it didn’t work out, and disappointed that I left before my year anniversary which means I can never go back to the FBI. And of course I thought…what would people say? What would they think? And how could I possibly explain this crazy adventure? At the end of the day the timing wasn’t right but more importantly it wasn’t my passion. It was very difficult, but I made the decision that was best for my family in that moment.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

It was definitely a bit weird and awkward to tell my close friends and family that I had joined the FBI, only to tell them, months later, that I had left. The whole experience was a great lesson in being humble and brutally honest.

In regards to my career, I was lucky that my company graciously rehired me in the same position that I had left just a few months prior. I spent another year at that company before returning to the Getty Museum and to my true passion art and museums.

Often in life we learn more from our disappointments, than from our successes. After the FBI, I went back to my life, to my career and to my family with more confidence, clarity and a stronger sense of purpose than ever before. I was humbled by the experience and I left feeling very grateful to the thousands of men and women who serve our country everyday.

So here’s my advice.

Be bold. Take risks. Forgive yourself when things don’t work out as you planned. Don’t apologize and don’t look back. Keep moving forward and most importantly, always aspire to make a positive impact in all that you do.


Preserving the American Dream

Last week I spoke to my Dad on the phone just as he was heading off to an event at UC Riverside featuring author, political scientist and Harvard professor Robert Putnam. Putnam was in town to discuss his latest book, “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis.” As we were finishing up our conversation, I blurted out “Why don’t you write a blog post about the event?” My Dad has never written a blog post, so I am delighted and thrilled that he decided to give it a try and I am honored to be the one to publish it.

By Les Whitaker (Guest Blogger & my Dad)

In a recent New York Times opinion column, Ashley Parker discussed the recent outbreak of violence at Trump campaign rallies. She concludes that both supporters of Mr. Trump and protesters “say they feel deeply wronged and disenfranchised, albeit in different ways.” Both sides are obviously angry.

The Trump supporters explained to her “how their vision for the country — a place where if you worked hard and followed the rules, you could provide for you family and have a decent life — is being snatched from them.”

Ironically, the protesters have the same vision. Many are minorities, including Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. They too believe in the American dream, “believing that if they worked hard and followed the rules, they could melt into this nation that has welcomed so many.”

Thus, both sides are angry because they see the American dream of upward mobility slipping away from them.

In his new book, “Our Kids, The American Dream in Crisis”, Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, “examines America’s growing inequality gap, why fewer Americans today have the opportunity for upward mobility, and what communities, parents, families and schools can do about it.”

In particular, Mr. Palmer focuses on equality of opportunity and social mobility as the essential components of the American dream. This basic principle has been compromised in the last several decades by startling increases in income inequality and a consequential segregation of Americans along economic class lines. The result has been de facto neighborhood and educational segregation along economic class lines.

Palmer addresses the factors that have created this crisis in families, parenting, schooling and communities by presenting stories of actual young adults in various situations.

In the concluding chapter, he finds in all these stories, and accompanying factual data, “the steady deterioration of the economic circumstances of lower-class families, especially compared to the expanding resources available to upper-class parents.” In other words, there is a link between income inequality and opportunity inequality which threatens the possibility of upward mobility which is at the heart of the American dream.

Mr. Palmer posits that unequal opportunity also inflicts an economic cost on the country as a whole and, more importantly threatens the essence of democracy (equal influence on public decisions) itself. He argues that ignoring disadvantaged children violates our deepest religious and moral values. He concludes that “the growing opportunity gap between rich and poor kids in America today is morally unacceptable.”

Mr. Palmer then presents a number of positive suggestions for actions that will potentially lessen the opportunity gap. These include tax and other policies that may strengthen the family, especially single parent families. Other suggestions relate to child development and early childhood education.   With regard to schools, he suggests a number of possible measures that could lessen the opportunity gap, such as eliminating the effects of social class housing segregation by moving kids, money and/or teachers to different schools. Many other possibilities are presented for schools and communities.

All of these suggestions are based on the underlying principle that we each have a responsibility to everyone’s kids, “[f]or America’s poor kids do belong to us and we to them. They are our kids.”

Thus, the angry Trump supporters and the angry protesters have failed to examine the reasons why they are angry. If they did so, they would find that each group perceives, correctly, that the American dream is in crisis. Instead of being angry and violent at political rallies, they should examine the reasons for the crisis, as set forth by Mr. Palmer, and consider how they can become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.




“In my beginning is my end.” – T. S. Eliot.

For the 2nd time, I officially became an employee of the Getty Museum and this week I’m thinking about what an amazing feeling it is to get paid to pursue your passion. For me to get paid to go to a museum and think about art everyday is inspiring. I absolutely love it! I do this blog because I want everyone to have that same feeling, to be inspired by their work and to be able to pursue their own occupassion. In this painting Dosso’s message is that prosperity in life is transitory and dependent on luck and for the moment I feel like Lady Luck is on my side, and for that I am truly grateful.

Allegory of Fortune,” about 1530, Dosso Dossi.


Keep music alive. The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation is hiring a Program Associate.

Inspire kids to stay in school. The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship is hiring a Programs Manager.

Support people who actually change he world. The Durfee Foundation is hiring a Program & External Relations Assistant.

Southern California Grantmakers is hiring a Program & Government Relations Associate.

Live for social justice? The Liberty Hill Foundation has several openings including a Program Assistant for Training.

The J. Paul Getty Museum is hiring a Donor Relations Specialist to oversee and coordinate stewardship programs and activities for the Museum Councils.

The Milken Institute is hiring a Public Policy Analyst.


Save water & CA. The S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation is hiring a Program Associate, Environment—Water in SF.

Wear and care. Indigenous is hiring a VP of Sales based in Sebastopol.

Live to volunteer? Hands on Bay Area is hiring Program Associate in SF.

Create impact through design. IDEO, AKA most awesome company anywhere, is hiring a Marketing Lead in Palo Alto.

 Inspire all Californians to create a more vibrant future for themselves and their communities. The Oakland Museum of California is hiring a Communications Manager.

Safe water transforms lives. is hiring a Senior Manager, Global Learning in SF or Kansas City.


Love hot art? The City of Tempe is hiring a Deputy Community Center Director – Arts/Cultural Services.

Are you a human rights super star? Human Rights Watch is hiring a UN Director.

Explore the answers to life’s great mysteries. Vulcan (my total crush) is hiring a Managing Director, Government Affairs in Seattle.

Serve as both steward and catalyst. The Barr Foundation is hiring two new Program Officers for their climate team in Boston.

Love change? is hiring an Executive Director for new Foundation in SF, NYC or DC.

Passion for philanthropy? Social Venture Partners is hiring a CEO base in Seattle.

Save wildlife and their habitats. Defenders of Wildlife is hiring an Alaska Representative.


Build the next generation of global leaders. Global Citizen Year is hiring a Ecuador Team Leader.

Be a catalyst of human promise. The Gates Foundation is hiring a Deputy Director & Associate Program Officer in India.


David Bowie

“Look up here, I’m in Heaven!”

When I watched David Bowie’s final Lazarus video, I was deeply and profoundly moved. To see an artist be creative up until the very last days of his life affected me deeply. He knew he had days or weeks to live. Yet, he choose to spend that time immersed in art. I believe we are all creative beings and we need to make space (and time) for our own artistic expression.


Make art matter. LACMA is hiring Community Engagement Manager,
Education/Public Programs.

Your boss is named Oscar. The Academy Museum hiring a Public Relations Manager.

A profit w/ a purpose. TOMS is hiring a Specialist, Giving Partnerships- Africa & Haiti.

Make a positive impact. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is hiring a Program Manager, Global Philanthropy.

Create creativity. Otis College of Art and Design is hiring a Director of Admissions.

Be part of an innovation engine. X Prize has numerous openings.

Feed people. Project Angel Food is hiring a CEO.

Stop aging. Murad is hiring a Director of Public Relations and Social Media.

Curate, connect, innovate. The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park is hiring an Art Curator.

Love tweeting? Discovery Communications is hiring a VP Social Media Strategy for the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and Animal Planet.

Keep the world secure. Northrop Grumman Corporation is hiring a Corporate Citizenship Specialist 3/4 for the Western Region based in Palmdale.


Be part of the future of art. SFMOMA is hiring a Director of Visitor Experience and has other openings.

One of my favorite spots. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is hiring a Marketing Manager in SF.

Improve the world. The Packard Foundation is hiring Program Associate in Los Altos.

Grow and develop the social enterprise ecosystem. REDF is hiring a Manager, Northern California Regional Partnerships.

Prevent extinction. Island Conservation is hiring a CEO in Santa Cruz.


Work with visionaries on frontlines of social change. The Ford Foundation is hiring Communications Associate in NY.

Take action. See impact. Global Citizen is hiring a Director, Strategic Partnerships in NY.

Advance opportunity, equality & security. The Century Foundation is hiring COO in NY.

Like the cold? The Anchorage Museum is hiring Director of Learning and Engagement.

Organize global thought-leader conferences. 20th Century Fox is hiring a VP of Global Speakers and Events for National Geographic in DC.

Burn baby burn. The Bureau of Land Management is hiring a Project Manager for Burning Man (yes, you heard that right!).

Make capital work to benefit all of society. Morgan Stanley is hiring a Philanthropy Management Associate in NYC.


Arts + Culture + Parks. The Trust for Public Land is hiring a Creative Placemaking Program Director for the Parks for People Program based in New York, LA, SF, St. Paul, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver or Was, New York.

Take action. See impact. Global Citizen is hiring a Policy & Advocacy Manager in Canberra, Australia.

Create income and livelihood opportunities for poor households. iDE UK is hiring a Managing Director in London.

A cross between a Silicon Valley start-up, a Madison Ave. advertising firm, and the Edison Labs. Building Markets is hiring a Project Director in NYC and a Country Director in Turkey.


Gloria Steinem

“Real change grows like a tree, from the bottom up.”

My dear friend and author Amy Richards (Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future and Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself) invited me to an event with feminist, journalist, social / political activist and trailblazer Gloria Steinem, who at 81 sat down for a conversation with actress Melissa McCarthy to promote her new book My Life on the Road. Not surprisingly the evening was inspiring, funny and empowering, but what struck me most was Gloria Steinem’s humble and generous spirit. She summed it up best when she said, “We are all human beings.” I am grateful to have so many talented female friends like Amy and to women like Gloria Steinem who stood up and fought for equality and justice for all.


Love contemporary art? Hauser& Wirth hiring a Dir. Public Engagement.

Breathe social justice? Liberty Hill Foundation is hiring a Director of Philanthropy.

Love politicians & Bruins? UCLA is hiring a Senior Executive Director, Government & Community Relations.

Know a bold, innovative, public policy pro? UCLA is also accepting applications for Dean of the Luskin School.

Revealing the power of food. L.A. Kitchen is hiring a Workforce Development Coordinator.

Caltech is hiring a Senior Director for Caltech Center for Diversity.

Fight childhood cancer with love. The Pablove Foundation is hiring a Program Officer.

One of my favorite museums, the Hammer Museum is hiring a Manager, Visitor Experience and a Coordinator, Board Relations & Special Projects.

Protect birds and their habitats. The Pasadena Audubon Society is hiring a part-time Program Manager.


Drive for what matters. Uber is hiring Public Policy & Comm. Assc. in SF. Unlimited vacation is awesome.

Deliver impact. ICF International is hiring an Architectural Historian in Sacramento.

Connect Your Intellect. Commonwealth Club is hiring a Director of INFORUMsf in SF.

Observe the need, envision the future. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is hiring a Manager, Corporate Responsibility.

Enter a world of opportunity. Encore Capital Group is hiring a global Corporate Social Responsibility Director in SD.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara is hiring a Curator of Community Engagement.

Help people build measurably better lives. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is hiring a Grants Officer.

A prefect trifecta, creative culture, environment, social and economic justice, the Pacific Foundation is hiring a Program Officer in SF.

Read’em and weep. Friends of the San Francisco Public Library is hiring an Executive Director.

 Inform and improve public policy in California. The Public Policy Institute of California is hiring a Director of Government Affairs.

San Jose Museum of Art is hiring a Manager of Youth Programs.


Serious about fun & making an impact? Bacardi is hiring a CSR Director in FL or flexible.

Be on time. FedEx is hiring Manager Public Relations in TX.

The Michael J Fox Foundation is hiring a Grants Manager in NYC.

Defend the rights of people worldwide. Human Rights Watch is hiring a Program Associate in NYC, application deadline 11/15.

 Love to shop online? Amazon is hiring a Program Manager, Social Responsibility in Seattle.

Transform the lives of vulnerable children. The Global Fund for Children (GFC) is hiring a Program Officer, Africa in DC.

Love storytelling? The Moth is hiring a Director of Production.

Connect nonprofits and social change. Taproot is hiring a Director, Strategic Partnerships in NYC.

Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is hiring a Press Officer in NYC.


Help cities become more resilient. 100 Resilient Cities, Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation is hiring a Director of City Relationships, Americas and another for Asia Pacific.

Solve today’s most challenging problems. The Pew Charitable Trusts is hiring a Manager of Communications in London.

Change the world. is hiring a Business Development Manager in Paris, London, or Madrid.

One Acre Fund is hiring Program Associates around the globe.


Jimmy Carter

This week I was inspire by a short NPR interview with Jimmy Carter. Even though he’s 91 with brain cancer, he was supposed to be in Nepal last week helping earthquake victims. Since that trip didn’t work out because of red tape, he was at a Habitat for Humanity build event. While it’s easy for many of us to become jaded and cynical as we grow older, Jimmy Carter truly lives life to the fullest with a deep sense of humility, optimism and faith. I am deeply inspired by his example of a life well lived.


Believe in arts for all? The Los Angeles County Arts Commission is hiring a Civic Art Program Coordinator.

Improve the health of the people of California. The California Wellness Foundation is hiring a Vice President of Public Affairs.

Want to build a float? CSU is hiring Director, Rose Float Program to be the primary liaison to the Tournament of Roses (TOR) for Cal Poly Pomona & Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Have a heart. The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association is hiring a Government Relations Director.

I can speak from experience, working at the Getty is great. The Getty Center is hiring an Events Specialist.

Sell spaceships. Space X is hiring a Director of Commercial Sales.

Make a profit with a purpose. TOMS is hiring a Strategic Initiatives Manager.

Need a pair for cool shades? Oakley North America is hiring a Public Relations Manager.

I love their work. Hello Design is hiring an Account Director.

Love contemporary art? Hammer Museum is hiring a Coordinator, Board Relations & Special Projects.

Love international relations & LA? Mayor Garcetti is hiring a Director of International Relations.


Unleash the power of human collaboration. Polycom is hiring a Director of Corporate Social Responsibility in SJ.

Kaiser Permanente is hiring a Director for Public Policy, Strategy, & Operations in Oakland.

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Help people build measurably better lives. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is hiring a Grants Officer.


The Clinton Foundation is hiring an Associate, College & Career Readiness Working Group, in NYC Feb-Jun 2016 w/ poss. of the position becoming FT.

Take this job just for the skiing. Vail Resorts is hiring a Senior Specialist, Employee Communications.

The world is your platform for change. is hiring a North America Director of Communications in SF, NY, DC.

Passionate about environmental stewardship? The Aspen Institute is hiring a Managing Director, Environmental Leaders Fellowship in DC.

Revolutionize philanthropy Guidestar is hiring a Senior Director of Programs based in SF or DC.

The United Nations is hiring a Public Information Officer for the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations in NYC.

The Huffington Post is hiring an Impact Associate Editor who will focus on writing about social change issues.

Bring Creative projects to life. Kickstarter is hiring a Curation & Engagement Specialist in Brooklyn.

Love the art of writing? Writers Guild of America, East is hiring a Member Services Liaison in NYC.

Love baseball? The Chicago Cubs team is hiring an Assistant Director, Community Affairs and Cubs Charities in Chicago.


RBC is hiring a Director, Citizenship Impact Measurement, Evaluation & Reporting in Toronto.


Philanthropy U

This week I was inspired by a NYT article, Online University Helps Philanthropic Groups and Their Leaders,” about Philanthropy University. As described in the article, Philanthropy U was founded by Amr Al-Dabbagh, a Saudi businessman and philanthropist. Through his family’s Foundation, he worked with Berkeley’s Haas School of Business to create “massive open online courses,” also known as MOOCs, on how to be a better philanthropist and leader of a nonprofit group. Professors include Paul Brest (total genius) professor emeritus at Stanford Law and former president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Jessica Jackley a co-founder of Kiva. Each course is broken into short segments of about 11 minutes that stretch over 7 weeks. People who complete all 7 courses receive a certificate in social sector leadership from the Haas School. I’m excited about the possibilities because I am convinced MOOCs, like Philanthropy U and Coursera, will completely transform and democratize education, and in doing so, change the world. So stop binge watching shows on Netflix and instead make yourself smarter by signing up for a free online course today.


Enhance the lives of children and families by promoting the arts and improving education for disadvantaged students. The WME (Williams Morris Endeavor) Foundation is hiring an Assistant to Director in BH. 

Do you love the creative industries & giving career advice? OTIS is hiring an Assistant Director of the Center for Creative Professions.

Manage community and government relationships for the #1 Engineering/Architecture, Construction Management firm. Jacobs is hiring an Outreach Manager.

All for one and one for all. TOMS is hiring a Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and a Chief Giving Officer.

Inspire a new generation of scientists, innovators and explorers. The California Science Center is hiring a SVP / COO.

Go Bruins! UCLA is hiring a Sr. Executive Director, Government & Community Relations

Run an art gallery. The Los Angeles Community College District is hiring an Art Gallery & Museum Director.

The California Community Foundation is hiring an Arts Program Officer

If you love public policy…The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy is hiring an Executive Director.

Improve the lives of children living with cancer through the arts. The Pablove Foundation is hiring a Marketing, Communications and Design Manager.

Grow, think, dream and create. Nike is hiring a Communications Manager West Territory.

Champion art. The America Museum of Ceramic Art is hiring an Education and Public Program Manager.

YouTube is hiring a Head of Music Communications and Public Affairs

This just sounds really fun! MOCA is hiring a Development Events and Travel Manager.

Fawn Rogers is hiring an Assistant/Project Manager who can liaise w/ curators and galleries and who embodies w/ grace under pressure in WLA. To apply, send 1 pg. CV and list of top 3 LA galleries each w/ a 5 word description, links to your social media sites to:

Love tea, gardens and world class art? The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens is hiring an Associate Director – Society of Fellows

Rancho Los Cerritos Foundation (RLCF) which oversees the Rancho, a nationally recognized Southern California historical landmark in Long Beach, California, is hiring an Executive Director.

Celebrate the arts. The Arts Council of Long Beach is hiring an Executive Director.


Protect the Planet. The Natural Resources Defense Council is hiring a Program Assistant to work with the Oceans Team in SF.

Change the education landscape. Reading Partners is hiring Executive Director of National Service Programs.

IDEO (AKA coolest firm on the planet) is hiring a Senior Associate, Partnership Development – Education Studio in SF.

Promote art. Stanford’s Cantor Art Center is hiring a Director of Communications and Marketing in Palo Alto.

Make lovingly crafted books. Heyday is hiring a Publisher / Executive Director in Berkeley.

Love performing arts? The Broad Stage is hiring a Community Programs Assistant.

The Sobrato Family Foundation is hiring a Nonprofit Center Coordinator in Milpitas, CA.

Build a world of social justice and shared prosperity. Tides is hiring an Advisor in SF.


JPMorgan Chase is hiring a Global Philanthropy, Small Business Program Officer in NYC.

The Hawaii Council on Economic Education (“HCEE”) is seeking an Outreach and Program Coordinator to help increase the economic literacy of Hawaii’s students.

Improving life in rural communities. The Ford Family Foundation is hiring a Program Officer, Community and Economic Development in OR.

My very favorite storytelling podcast, The Moth is hiring Director of Production in NYC.

Develop the potential of women. The New York Junior League is seeking a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Promote economic progress in communities around the world. The Citi Foundation is hiring a Finance Manager, Finance & Operations in NYC.

Passionate about pro choice? NARAL is hiring a National Political Director.

The Mayor’s Office for International Affairs is hiring a Deputy Commissioner, Policy and Communications in NYC.

Advance international education and access to education worldwide. The Institute of International Education is hiring a Fulbright US Scholar Program Officer, Peer Review in DC.

Support and invigorate the arts in America. The Aspen Institute is hiring a PT Special Projects Associate, Arts Program in NYC.      

Office of Susie Tompkins Buell & Mark Buell / Susie Tompkins Buell Foundation is hiring a Politics & Philanthropy Coordinator and Administrative Assistant in SF. 


IDEO (AKA coolest firm on the planet) is hiring a Business Operations Lead in Shanghai.

The Smithsonian Institution’s Office of International Relations is hiring a Chief of Party (COP) for a new 4-year Cultural Heritage Tourism Activity developed in partnership and funded by USAID | Armenia. The position will be based in Yerevan, Armenia.


Do Unto Others

This week I was inspired by Pope Francis’ historic speech to Congress. As someone who was raised Catholic and is now a proud feminist, I don’t agree with all of his positions. However, I appreciated his message of empathy, kindness and peace. I felt humbled when he reminded us of The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This wisdom is something that guides the way I move through this world and the opportunity to collectively pause and reflect amid all the tragedy and conflict around the globe was a very profound moment.


Build a better SoCal. The Weingart Foundation is hiring a VP & Treasurer.

Love art & visitor engagement? The J. Paul Getty Museum is hiring Docent Program Manager.

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is hiring an Education & Public Program Manager.

Live for volunteerism? Chrysalis is hiring Volunteer and Program Coordinator at their Pacoima site.

Care for community? CalOptima is hiring a Community Relations Specialist in Orange.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is hiring a Director of Legislative Affairs.

Love Yoshitomo Nara? Blum & Poe Gallery is hiring a Special Events Coordinator.

Drive sustainability.  Cal State University Long Beach is hiring a Sustainability Manager.

Go Bruins. UCLA is hiring a Associate Vice Chancellor, Communications and Public Outreach.

Make kids lives better. Children’s Hospital LA is hiring a Project Leader-Business, Gov’t & Community Relations/Community Affairs.

“Les is more.” Gibson Brands, Inc. is hiring Entertainment Relations Regional Director (ERRD) for the West Coast.

We believe what we do matters. Thomson Reuters is hiring a Director, Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion in NYC.

Love music & selfies? Instagram is hiring a Manger, Music Partnerships.


CivicSpark is hiring 48 fellows to complete climate change mitigation and adaptation work throughout CA.

Love the wine country & performing arts? Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is hiring a Director of Marketing and Patron Services.

Accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is hiring a US Global Partner and Network Manager based in SF w/ frequent international travel.

Connect the world. AT&T is hiring a Director of Public Affairs in SF.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is hiring 2 Program Officers in Population and Reproductive Health for South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Do people like you? Cox Communications is hiring a Community Relations Manager in Orange County.

Be sustainable. The City of Sacramento is hiring a Sustainability Program Manager.

Love to innovate? Adobe is hiring a Global Giving Program Manager in SJ.

Transform lives through literacy and gender equality in education. Room to Read is hiring a Chief Program Officer in SF.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is hiring an Associate, Corporate Responsibility.

Empower girls to realize their dreams in STEM. Techbridge is hiring an Office Assistant in Oakland.

Defend the rights of people worldwide. Human Rights Watch is hiring an Events Assistant in SF.

Addicted to Instagram? The company is hiring 2 Communications Directors in Menlo Park.


Do national parks feed your soul? The Western National Parks Association is hiring a COO in Oro Valley, AZ.

Art + money, what’s better? Fidelity Investments is hiring a Lead Curator to manage their corporate art collection in NYC.

Connect students to college success and opportunity. The College Board is hiring an Associate Director, International Planning & Outreach in NYC.

Love art & the big apple? New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) is hiring an Arts Program Associate.

Be the life of the party. Pernod Ricard is hiring Communications & CSR Coordinator in NYC.

Protect bands and reputation. Edelman is hiring a CSR Account Executive in Seattle.

Empower people to live healthier lives. Aetna is hiring a Program Associate-Aetna Foundation in Hartford.

Connect and enrich the lives of every person on Earth. Intel is hiring a Global Water Sustainability Manager in OR.

 Build self-esteem and promote character development. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA is hiring a Founding Executive Director in NY.

Promote philanthropy. Philanthropy New York is hiring a Managing Editor/Multimedia Manager.

Do I hear two million? Sotheby’s is hiring a Head of Operations, Americas based in NYC.


This just sounds super duper fun! Work as a private chef in chalets across the French Alps.

Do you love hotels? Hotel Tonight (one of my favorite apps) is hiring Market Managers in Berlin, Paris & London.

Protect children. UNICEF is hiring a Communications Specialist based in Kenya.